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30 Days of Strategic Content

The freebie you've been waiting for!

30 days of strategically chosen caption ideas for October that will help you bond with your followers, boost engagement, and convert followers to clients.

Ready or not, here we go.

1. New month, new goals… post yours and ask your followers what theirs are

2. Educational tip related to your field

3. Something fun… not business related. Be personable!

4. Bust a myth in your industry

5. Testimonial from customer

6. Promote yourself/talk about your offer

7. Inspirational quote

8. Post and answer the question you get asked the most about your business/field

9. Share your work routine

10. Repost relevant content and comment on it

11. Post success story of customer

12. Fun fact about you

13. Share your mission statement

14. Talk about an app you love that would help your customers

15. Tip or trick

16. Ask your followers what they’re going to be for Halloween

17. Do a giveaway

18. Reintroduce yourself for your new followers

19. Mini training to benefit your ideal customer

20. Redirect your followers to your freebie, email list, etc

21. Ask your followers what they want to see more of

22. Behind the scenes

23. How To

24. Motivate and encourage your followers

25. Product review

26. Share a success, business or personal

27. Fact or stat

28. Educational tip

29. Revisit those October goals

30. Halloween post!

Take what you like, leave what you don't. Happy posting!


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