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hannah klingman 
Virtual Assisting

social media marketing agency

Welcome! I'm Hannah, owner of HKVA. We're an all women team supporting other women entrepreneurs in the online space who are passionate about growth and impact. We're ready to come alongside you on your journey to achieving your next business goal and building your dream lifestyle!

By partnering with us, you give yourself the freedom to refocus your energy where it matters most WHILE continuing to grow your network and nurture your online audience. Through digital marketing services, our team will connect you with your perfect match customers and elevate your brand's online presence, positioning YOU as the go-to expert in your field.

We can't wait to dream with you! 



We have a lot in common, you know...


I knew the entrepreneur world was meant for me the second I stepped into it. I've always been a liiiittle on the... competitive, high achieving, passionate side. One of my volleyball coaches once used the word "tenacious" to describe me. 

You too? Do we have these other things in common as well?

  • I have a Bachelor's in Business and Marketing Education from the University of Minnesota (didn't realize at the time that I would never need to show that piece of paper)

  • My Myer's Briggs type is ENTJ

  • I have to admit... I'm a FRIENDS addict... (Is Joey your favorite too?)

  • Inspired by roadtrips and traveling... follow my travel stories on Instagram!

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