hannah klingman 

Virtual Assisting

SOcial media MARKeTEr

general administrative assistant

Hey hey! I'm Hannah. Thanks for your interest! I support small business owners and female entrepreneurs who are craving growth, visibility, and the ability to focus on scaling with social media support and general administrative assistance. 

I live in Minnesota with my two furbabies, Hennessy and Sadie! When I'm not serving my clients or building my business, you can find me hiking MN trails or hanging out with my friends at a car meet (when it's not 10 degrees out, of course).

Please head over to my services tab to learn more about what I do. 

Feel free to reach out! I would really love to connect with you. One of the reasons I got into the business world is because I love connecting with and building relationships with people. You'll find me most active on my Instagram @hannahklingmanvirtualassisting

about me

  1. I'm a go-getter and I'll advocate for you and your business!

  2. I'm an extrovert so I love building relationships online and with clients.

  3. Myer's Briggs type ENTJ.

  4. My strengths are futuristic thinking, discipline, efficiency, competition, and independence.


about virtual assisting

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides services while operating outside of the client's office. 

VA vs Employee

  • Works remotely

  • Flexible schedule

  • Specialization

  • Partnership

  • Needs an office

  • Fixed 40 hour week

  • Intro training

  • Subordinate