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hannah klingman 
Virtual Assisting

social media marketing agency

Welcome! I'm Hannah, owner of HKVA. We partner with women small business owners who are passionate about making an impact in their clients' lives. Whether you have a product based business or you're a service provider, we're ready to partner with you on your journey to achieving your goals and building your dream lifestyle. 

We specialize in done-for-you social media marketing services that include everything from content creation to network building so you can focus your energy where it matters most. Our goals are to connect you with your target audience, increase your brand awareness in your industry, and generate leads for you to build with. 

Head over to the Services tab to see how we can support your business journey!


We have a lot in common, you know...

I knew the entrepreneur world was meant for me the second I stepped into it. I've always been a liiiittle on the... competitive, high achieving, passionate side. One of my volleyball coaches once used the word "tenacious" to describe me. 

You too? Do we have these other things in common as well?

  • Bachelor's in Business and Marketing Education from the University of Minnesota.

  • Myer's Briggs type ENTJ.

  • FRIENDS addict... (Is Joey your favorite too?)

  • Inspired by roadtrips and traveling... follow my travel stories on Instagram!

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