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client results

*Please note: These are only some examples of results my clients have seen from working with me through various services. Please contact for a complimentary discovery call to discuss your goals and needs.

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Christine reached 282% more accounts in 30 days. Her content interactions also increased by almost 800% and her following increased by 30% with targeted followers.


Cassie reached 42,500% more accounts with one post after working with me for only a week.

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Ryan saw an increase of nearly 700 followers from his target audience in just 90 days with engagement services only.

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In August, Frieda reached over 1200% more accounts (almost 100k) and her content interactions increased by 35%. In 2 months, her following increased by 300 new targeted followers.

contact for a complimentary discovery call


Rebecca's following increased by almost 300% in 90 days as well as reached 11.5k accounts (increase of almost 20%)

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"Can I just tell you again how much I'm loving your services. Not stressing about what to post and sending out emails has freed me up to work on my business in ways I've wanted to but couldn't find the time."
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