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Do you need a big audience to successfully sell online?

When you think of why you're marketing your brand online, your end goal is probably to grow your business, right?

I mean, entrepreneurs don't put their time, energy, and/or money into something without hoping for ROI in some form. The goal is to grow in one way or another.

I see social media managers everywhere telling their audience that they don't need a huge following to generate hot leads online.

And I'm not here to argue that... you can successfully convert a small following into paying customers on repeat... my clients have seen it happen. I was in a meeting with a client who had only partnered with us for a couple of months when she got a notification on her phone that people were purchasing her digital product right in that moment. She had just barely 500 followers, but those followers were clicking through from our content to her website to purchase her offer.

You don't NEED thousands of followers to make a sale... but it's easier to achieve more conversions from a larger audience.

The more eyes you have on your brand, the more chances you have to sell your offer. Makes sense, right?

So how do you continuously grow your audience and get more eyes on your content?

Step 1: Know your target audience and their pain points

Step 2: Regularly put out content created JUST for them

Step 3: Utlize the features provided to you by the social media gods (Adam Mosseri, I'm talking about you)

The content you put out across your social channels should accomplish one or more of these goals... to grow and increase reach, to engage and intrigue, to build trust, or to take action. And all of these types of content are important!

Let's start small though... baby steps. Want access to 33 ready to use Instagram Caption Hooks that connect & convert? Boost your Instagram growth and increase your reach with our PROVEN done-for-you caption hooks!

See you there,


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