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Social Media Metrics to Track Based on Your Goals

It's alllll in the data. Want to know if your social media marketing efforts for your small business are paying off? Your Insights will give you the inside scoop into what's working on your account and what's not... showing you exactly what your next steps should be.

We all have a goal in mind when shifting our attention towards social media as a marketing tool. Is it to GROW your presence and reach an audience you wouldn't have been able to without the online space? Or do you already have a decent sized following comprised of elite leads that you're just dying to work with?

Whichever it might be, your Insights can tell you whether you're making progress towards that goal or you need to rethink your marketing plan. As you can imagine, that makes your Insights an extremely valuable asset to you and your social media manager.

I'm going to share with you exactly which metrics you need to pay attention to depending on which goal you're currently focusing on.

GOAL: To connect with new people, increase brand awareness, and grow your following.

Growth is probably what you'll be focused on if you have a newer or previously less active social media account (or a following that's filled with people who aren't in your target audience) that you want to use to attract potential customers and increase brand visibility. If you want to put your energy towards outreach, here are the metrics you should take note of.


Your REACH metrics are going to show you how many followers vs non-followers your content reached and what content reached the most people. This is valuable information for knowing which type of posts are performing the best on top of what messages are hitting home with your audience. Hint... create more of this!


Your FOLLOWING metrics are going to give you an inside look at how many new people are joining your community and lots of details about those people. This gives you an opportunity to see whether your efforts are attracting the right people you want to connect with (people that fit your description of who you want to work with). Through your Insights, you can also see which posts made new readers hit that follow button!

GOAL: To cultivate trust with your audience, create brand fans, and drive traffic elsewhere.

Let's say you already have a decent sized following that you've grown full of your dream customers. You have the numbers and eyes on your account. Your focus now is to engage them and convert them into genuine connections and brand fans. Here are the metrics you'll want to focus on.


A quick way to tell whether your content is hitting home with your followers or not is your engagement metrics. Are your followers interacting with your content? Liking, commenting, sharing, saving? Or are you hearing crickets? Are they watching your Reels and clicking through your Stories, or are they scrolling past your messages without a second thought? This is going to tell you if your audience trusts you and is interested in what you have to say or if you need to head back to the drawing board.

Instagram overview insights page account
Example of your Overview Insights page

If your goal is to get your social media audience off of social media and onto your lead magnet, or website, podcast, or wherever else, a metric you want to keep track of is obviously link clicks. Is your content getting people to leave Instagram and go to your other platforms?

Final Thoughts

When you don't utilize the feedback that social media automatically gives you, it keeps you in the dark and sets you up for running around in circles. Your Insights are the key to knowing what your next move is! Why ignore them??

P.S. Marketing your small business on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook takes a lot of time and effort. As the founder and creative behind your brand, I'm guessing you didn't sign up to be a full time social media manager. My team specializes in connecting you with your target audience while bringing your brand to life online. We offer done for you social media services including content creation, engagement and outreach, monthly Insights reports, and so much more. Let us keep an eye on your Insights while you focus on propelling your business forward towards your goals. Send me a message and let's get started!

Talk soon,

Hannah and the HKVA Team

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