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Unleash the Power of YOU: Establishing Your Personal Brand on Instagram as the Face of Your Business

As a coach or service provider in the online space, YOU are the face of your business.

Unlike other businesses, we can't hide behind a photo of a product. We don't get to play in the background of our brands. Your audience is looking directly at you as a person and pitting you against the others in your industry with your same offer (sorry, but it's true). So is mine.

In addition to your work and the results you get for your clients, potential clients are checking out your personality. Your lifestyle. Your values. Essentially, your Instagram is your business dating profile and they're deciding whether to swipe left or swipe right!

Establishing your personal brand is how you're going to let people know if you could be a match or if someone else is a better fit for them. This is how you're going to stand out and attract your perfect match clients!

My experience with personal branding

The first time I really realized the importance of personal branding on social media is when I hired my first team member. I created a simple questionnaire and posted it in a few Facebook groups. Two days later, I had 71 responses.

One of the requirements of the application was to link their business Instagram accounts. I never would have expected what I found, or more accurately, didn't find.

MOST of the applicants didn't have photos or videos of themselves up, so I had no mental picture of who I was learning about (no face, no voice, nothing).

MOST of them didn't infuse any of their personality into their messaging.

In most cases, I couldn't tell what their values were, what they were interested in, or who they were as a person.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to hop on 71 interview calls, so if I couldn't learn enough about the person from their Instagram profile to see if we'd be a good match in under 5 minutes, they weren't even considered.

For the few that did show who they were on social media, I was able to see who I would mesh with and who I wouldn't. From there, I chose my person!

Your personal brand is a MAJOR factor in your competitive advantage! Sometimes, it's the only deciding factor between you and someone who offers the same thing you do.

start establishing your personal brand on instagram today

A great place to start when it comes to showing more of you is in your Stories! Your Stories are the perfect place for casual content that allows your audience to get to know the person behind the business name. You might think that you don't have anything going on that's Story-worthy during your day, but I promise you, everything can be content!

Did something make you laugh when you opened IG today? Reshare it.

Are you a foodie? Snap a photo of your lunch.

Are you family oriented? Film some of your family activities.

Do you love to travel? Share about your trips.

We recommend our clients post at least one personalized Story each day. It doesn't have to be fancy. Your audience needs to feel like they know you, and then they'll decide if they like you! ;) This takes time and commitment, so keep showing up as your beautiful self.

Using instagram threads to bring out your personal brand

Instagram Threads just made its debut on July 6th! Threads is a text based app created by Instagram with the purpose of open conversation. Basically, it's Twitter's newest rival, and it's taking over the social media world. In just one day, Threads hit 70 MILLION users.

The thing about Threads is that it's all about using your words and currently, everyone there just wants to have fun. There's no strategy, not really an algorithm, and no monetization. Everyone there is begging the public to keep it vibey, fun, and chill... and everyone is showing their most unhinged, bold self. People are letting loose!

In just a day of using Threads, I was able to present a new level of my personality on social media. With everyone just looking to have a good time, hot takes, killer one liners, and polarizing statements seem to be what's trending. People want an uncurated, unfiltered version of you... the one who hasn't done her makeup, hair's a mess, and probably wearing sweats if you don't have a Zoom meeting.

Threads is the PERFECT place to unleash your truest personal brand and really show up as exactly who you are, compared the polished, curated version of yourself we all love to be on Instagram. Not only are you able to be this version of you, but Threads really brings it out.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, be sure to check it out and see if it's right for you.

the importance of being yourself

In a saturated online market, it's more necessary than ever to truly show who you are and what you value so you can connect with your ideal clients on a deeper level. Your personality might just be the one thing that inspires someone to choose you as their person!

P.S. If you're spending 5-10 hours per week marketing your brand on Instagram, I want you to stop and think for a second. What could you accomplish with an extra 5 hours per week? Could you take on another 1:1 client? Could you take shorter work days? Could you finally get consistent with going to the gym? Here's the truth... you don't have to pencil in 1-2 hours per day for social media for your business. My team grows and nurtures online audiences while our clients refocus their mental energy and time on more important things. DM me on Instagram to learn more about our done for you social media marketing services!

Cheers to you,


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