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Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: May 13, 2021

Even though I say that social media marketing is not a cookie cutter process, there are certain mistakes you should be avoiding. No, you won't fail if you do some of these, but there are better ways! Are you making any of these Instagram mistakes?

  1. Posting dozens of stories a day. People have a short attention span. Too many stories and they'll be swiping left. Try to keep it to 10 or less per day!

  2. Not having your name somewhere in your profile. Even if you want to be seen as a brand instead of a person, a contact name should still be put somewhere on your account so that viewers know who they are connecting with.

  3. Too many links/not the right links. I recommend having a Linktree, but too many links will discourage viewers from clicking on them. Keep it short and sweet! You should include your website and one or two other important links.

  4. Not having an optimized profile. If viewers can't figure out who you are, what you do, and who you help within 30 seconds of clicking on your profile, you're likely to lose their interest.

  5. Promoting too often. Remember, your followers are on social media to be SOCIAL! Throw in a mix of engaging, funny, valuable, and interesting posts. Then sell.

  6. Buying followers. DON'T.

  7. Low quality photos. Be sure to only use high quality photos in your feed. If you have the budget, I suggest hiring a photographer a couple times a year for good visual content!

  8. Posting and not looking back. You should be online engaging before and after you post to get more views. Aim for 15-30 minutes of engagement per day.

  9. Stealing content. Brainstorm and write your own content! If you are absolutely out of ideas, then start surfing competitor accounts. Only use them for inspiration, not to copy! Make it your own.

  10. Ignoring DM's. You should be checking your messages daily and responding to everyone (unless it's spam). Don't forget that customer service is still necessary online! Your followers are expecting responses.

  11. Copy and pasting hashtags from someone else. You need your own!

Some of these are easy to forget, but they can cost you, so it's better to be safe than sorry!

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