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Reality Checks for Entrepreneurs on Social Media

We all have high hopes for what our business social profiles will produce. We put energy into taking photos and videos to post, hours writing the perfect captions and choosing the best hashtags, and click "Publish", wishing for the best. Sometimes good things happen, and sometimes we get let down.

After more than three years of marketing myself as well as dozens of client brands on social media, I've learned a TON of challenging lessons. Today I'd like to share with you a few things I wish I had learned sooner in hopes that you won't agonize over the same things I did...

Tough love coming your way!

To start off, your posts will tank. Not every post is a hit, and a tanked post doesn't mean you failed. It could mean a million things... it wasn't written specifically enough for your audience, it wasn't posted at the right time, the media didn't pair well with the caption, etc etc. So don't let it get to you.

Second, sometimes it will feel like the leads come in randomly... but it's a direct result of the work we've put into your account over time. Optimizing your profile, creating on-brand media, writing really great content, engaging with your audience, and more. All of these factors combined attract your ideal clients and generate leads.

Third, no one remembers your content like you do... so sometimes the content will feel a bit repetitive, but trust me, the message needs to be said over and over for it to really click with your followers. And then it needs to be said AGAIN for your new followers!

One last reminder... it takes a holistic approach to create success in the online space. Just on Instagram alone, a well-rounded marketing plan includes research, content creation in multiple forms, engagement, account monitoring, analytics, and more. And that's just one platform...

Hopefully learning these lessons put your mind at ease a little bit and gave you more confidence in your social media marketing. I believe in you!

If you'd like a boost to help get your content read and start converting followers into excited customers, I have a new tool for you. I've put together a list of 33 of my favorite caption hooks that help you connect with and convert your audience! You can access it for free right now.

Talk soon,


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