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Free Resources for Small Business Owners!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Here's a collective list of the resources I've created to support business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself! Other resources may be in the form of blogs.

1. Thinking about outsourcing to a social media manager? I've put together this guide to help you prepare for outsourcing. It's full of questions to ask yourself, things to consider, and tips on finding your dream SMM!

2. A major factor in social media success is consistency. Consistency comes from planning and having clarity when making decisions like what to write and what photos to choose! Fill out this planning guide for your business and keep it on hand for when you're working on your social media efforts! BONUS: You can give this to your social media manager to use when working on your account!

3. Outsourcing to a VA has so many benefits including getting your time back, focusing on sales, making more money, and scalability. This survey will help you determine how much you will benefit from a VA!

4. How effective is your work day? Your time as a business owner is precious. You don't have time to waste. Here's a Time Tracker that will help you determine whether you're making the right decisions about your time or if you should make some changes to improve your schedule!

5. Having a tough time coming up with content? Check out my blog "30 Days of Strategic Content". It was a freebie in October, but it's still valid!

More to come!

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