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Your Social Media Goals and How To Achieve Them

Have you nailed down the goals of your social media marketing efforts? What you want to achieve with your efforts? And I'm not talking about hitting 1k followers or getting 200 likes on a post.

Goals hold you accountable. They drive strategy. If you're creating content without a goal in mind, you've completely missed the planning stage of your social media marketing efforts. And if you don't have a plan, you don't have a purpose.

There are many different goals you can have for your marketing efforts. Let's talk about some of them and what you can do to achieve them.

Increasing brand awareness. Do you want to get your name out there and have people recognize your brand? Utilize storytelling. Create content about your business and make sure everyone knows what you do and why. You'll also want to make sure you're using hashtags strategically here. Do research to find out what hashtags your audience is following and use all 30 allowed on each post. Don't forget to mix them up too! Maybe try collaborating with someone else in your field. This will allow you to tap into a new audience and get your brand in front of more eyes.

To sell. If you came to social media to sell or sign clients, you'll want to focus on creating content that converts. Uncover the gap between where your customers are and where they want to be. Show them that you are the solution to their pain points. Also, get really clear on your offer and the benefits your clients receive from it. Make sure everyone actually knows what your offer is! Talk about it!

To drive traffic elsewhere. You may have a really fantastic website that converts or another social media account that connects with your target audience. If you're using a platform to drive traffic somewhere else, make sure to utilize links. Create a linktree for your bio. Then, add your website or other link to the graphics you use as well as the captions. Entice them to leave the platform they are on and visit your other one. Then, hook them there.

To network. This one is my personal biggest goal for my social media efforts. If you're on a platform to network and build relationships, you'll need to spend time there. Engagement is going to be your best friend. Leave meaningful comments and get in those DM's! Start making those connections and building trust by having conversations. Utilize your current network by producing shareable content and then connecting with their audience too. By networking, you'll build your following and hopefully, get to know your ideal clients.

As always, if you need support with achieving your goals, whatever they may be, reach out! Let's chat about where you are now and how we can get you to where you want to be.

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