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12 Ways To Reach New Potential Followers in 2023

Contrary to popular opinion last year, wanting more followers is NOT something you should feel bad about OR overlook. We ranted and chanted in 2022 about not needing 10k followers to sign clients online. We told you that you could be successful with a small audience.

Do you need a huge community to accomplish your goals? Maybe not... but the more eyes on your brand, the better.

More eyes means more opportunities for connection, social growth, and ultimately sales.

Instagram followers = Brand fans.

In this guide, I'm covering 12 ways to reach new potential followers in 2023 so you can connect with them and convert them into fans of your small business.

Collab Posts. This is a relatively new Instagram feature that allows you to collaborate on a social post with another creator. One party publishes the post and invites the other to be a Collaborator. The post is then shown on both accounts to both audiences.

How to make the most of this feature? Participate in Collab posts with creators who have a similar target audience as you!

Participate as a guest on someone's podcast or blog. Don't forget to have you and the host agree on social promotion for the episode/post!

Reels. I know, I know... *eye roll*. Even though Reels aren't being favored by the algorithm as much as they were in 2022, we can't deny the Reach they receive, especially with a tab on the app specifically designed for this type of post. Even a "low performing Reel" still has the potential to reach more people than a static post.

Looking for a simple and easy to follow Reels content plan to test? Check this out.

Engage with your competitors on social media. Pinpoint other creators who do what you do with a similar target audience and engage with their content.

Refresh your hashtag bank.

Run an online giveaway that requires participants to tag their friends or share to their stories for entry.

Create easily digestible and relatable content that your followers will want to share to their Stories.

Not sure what your audience is digging? Head to your Insights tab and filter based on Shares.

Screenshot taken from my Travel Blog Instagram

Prioritize writing with SEO in mind. SEO is no longer just for Google. Use lots of strong keywords that relate to your business and your target audience in your social media captions.

Create a beautiful and cohesive social media feed. The more branded and stunning your content is when someone lands on your profile, the more likely they are to want to see more.

Optimize your profile. Make sure that

A) your profile has relative username

B) your name/title is searchable with keywords

C) your bio includes what you do and who you work with

D) your links are updated and useful

E) your Instagram highlights are crafted strategically and kept up to date

F) your best 3 posts are pinned to the top

G) your category is chosen and set

For example:

Last but not least... include your social media handles on business cards and other marketing materials. Take each given opportunity to drive traffic towards your social platforms.

PS: If all of this seems like... just too much work, especially alongside running a successful small business every day, just know that you don't have to. My team offers done for you digital marketing packages that elevate your brand presence online, connect you with your target audience, and carry out the lead generation process. No more last minute posts that don't feel good and no more hours spent on writing sticky captions. We got your back. Click here to get in touch with me about your goals.

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